Storage-shipping rack, keeps the pole safe.  Shipping dimensions are 41″ x 43″ x 127″  / Wt. 1050lbs/476Kg

Landa Mobile Systems LLC new ginpole construction is 100% in compliance with TIA-1019-A 2011 standard, meeting or exceeding TIA-1019-A, 6.1. scope, 6.2. manufacturing, 6.2.1, structural steel 6.2.2, other materials 6.2.3 test reports,  6.2.4 fabrication, 6.2.5 straightness, 6.2.6 (a.b.) identification.

OSHA required Forms supplied with all LMS gin poles we manufacture.
Annual Pole Certification signed and numbered
Annual Pole Inspection Report signed and numbered
VT Visual Welding Inspection Report, done at time of manufacture
Mill Report on steel specification, A500 Gr. B
Charpy report on steel temperature test to –40 degrees
Load Chart that the pole was manufactured to. 2 pages.
Maintain your required documents along with work plan and engineer signoff for each specific job.

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