Emerson Network Power F200825 Battery Cabinet



Emerson Network Power F200825 Battery Cabinet  BRAND NEW,  Emerson Network Power Battery Cabinets provides a stable environment for batteries. The cabinet provides five battery shelves. The -48 Vdc version is configured for five (5) battery strings (1 per shelf).Features (42) vertical rack units (42RU) (1RU = 1.75”). An off-white multi stage dry powder polyester paint finish for maximum durability and performance.      Four lifting brackets at the top that allow it to b lifted into position.  Field reversible. Front door hinge. Door equipped with a wind latch, door latch (lockable, and an intrusion alarm.     Internal 24/48Vdc powered fluorescent light fixture.  GFCI protected convenience outlets. One (1) 10-position cabinet master ground bar. One (1) battery buss bar and one (1) battery return buss bar. Twelve (12) pairs of alarm blocks are designated and factory wired for cabinet internal alarms, including environment. The Battery Cabinet has the following features.   Removable back access panels allows rear access to equipment. Back access panels are equipped with individual intrusion alarms. Hinged top access panels with wind latch allows access to area above interior frame for cable routing. Top access panel is equipped with and intrusion alarm. Top front, sides, and rear panels can be fitted with cable ports to allow passage of cables. Side panels are also located at the access of the upper and lower portions of the battery compartment. On adjacent cabinets, side access ports align for cable pass-through between cabinets. Bottom rear conduit knock-outs.   -48Vdc Version: The battery compartment houses five 950 -48Vdc strings of 155Ah (minimum) front post batteries. A 150 ampere battery disconnect circuit breaker is provided for each string.      The battery compartment consists of thirty-eight 938) vertical rack units (38RU).    The battery compartment is cooled through tow (2) DC power TE (Thermo-Electric) coolers. The TE Coolers provide 200W of cooling or hearting (each), depending on compartment conditions, to ensure batteries are held with target operating environment. The cabinets contains hydrophobias air vent patches for proper venting of battery outgassing.  The battery compartment is cable housing many battery types. Table 1 lists some of the batteries that can be installed. Battery shelf bracing may need to be field-modified to install different-sixed batteries