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Landa Mobile Systems (monthly / annual /or on reserve) leases portable towers 20’/ 6 meters through 150′ / 47 Meters.

Landa Mobile Systems has one of the largest and most diversified selections of portable tower units from 60’ up to 150’ tower rentals in the USA. We have never had a deployed tower fail or do we know of any worldwide that have ever come down. Our competition cannot make that claim.

We have 50 years of combined experience providing customers with quality fail safe towers for all applications.
Our primary focus is always on quality customer service. We have a team of centralized rental coordinators, independent operators and independent engineering ready to assist you with any questions.
While Landa Mobile Systems equipment is based out of Tulsa, OK. we also have tower owner operators in each region that offer LMS units and rapid experienced deployment for local support to all customers. From technical questions to onsite inspections, we are on hand to offer you our expertise.

With a fleet of Tower Units with an average age of only 1 years, we are able to provide customers with tower rentals that are excellent condition and feature the latest technology. Our towers arrive on site certified and ready to work right away. We also require engineering sign off on each deployment for each site install.

LMS NEVER FAIL KEY SYSTEM INCLUDED: LMS Tower Tilt Motor System is geared specifically to accept specially engineered key for tilting the tower from horizontal to vertical. The LMS Erection Drive 1 HP Motor is coupled to 900 to 1 operating system enabling minimal power for deployment power requirements. Both tilt and erection “motor systems: are designed to be operated by hand with our patent pending keys and a cordless in case of a remote no power generator failure, motor failure, or theft

Complete with an extensive inventory of tower accessories, our rental fleet offers customers in all applications the tools they need to get the job done. Whether you are looking for a single whip antenna to a multi carrier platform to survive high winds. Landa Mobile Systems can help.
Committed to the safety of our staff and our customers we have a full team of factory trained technicians on hand to service and maintain our rental fleet. With preventative maintenance programs our technicians are able to ensure our Tower rentals perform consistently and that safety issues are identified and fixed before accidents occur.

Our towers are quality pieces of equipment and each install is different with its loading, wind, ground, guyed or un-guyed not an issue. Engineering needs to sign off on all installations. We have independent engineers for any Landa Mobile System portable tower deployment. Our team is on hand to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today, or click to learn more about these Rental services:

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Call 360-474-8991 24/7 hour emergency hot line.

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