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Landa Mobile Systems manufactures  a complete line of Mobile Towers for all types of applications up to 150′. Let your imagination run wild and we can supply it. 

LMS product lines are recognized world wide for their superior quality, durability and safety when it comes to not blowing over in winds and launches.  Industries leading innovator in design and advancement in the industry building mobile towers with the highest wind-loading in the industry. icbm-lms120-hd-120-portable

When it comes to USA defense systems. Landa Mobile Systems is there when you need it. We are so proud to bring such a quality and dependable product to the world. Units deployed in many critical areas. These were just released from a from a 2015 exercise. Photo press release this date showing Model LMS106 HW, 106’ units acquired in 2015 by Missile Defense Systems being utilized for Lightning Protection during Pathfinder Mission last March. The units operate without issues and are among the most reliable in the industry. Quoting Scott Robinson, MDA/TCT Test Engineer: “The second one you see in the background is also a LMS 106 HW. We emplace it near the transportation truck to protect the rocket stage until we stack it on the pad. Then we move it to its launch position so that we have two fixed and two portable towers in place to provide protection on all sides. The portable towers allow us freedom of movement around the pad for cranes and other rocket support systems until the rocket is stacked.”

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Full-LIne-2016-aAcronyms used in industry for units we build 

CART (Mobile Aluminum Outdoor Equipment Enclosure)
COLT (Cell on Light Truck)
COP (Cell on Platform)
COW (Cell on Wheels)
CROW (Mini-COW/Cell Repeater on Wheels)
ECAT (Mini-COW/Emergency Communication Antenna Trailer)
GOAT (Generator on a Truck)
MPTU (Multi-Purpose Trailer Unit)
PT (Power Tower, 106, 120, 150 mounted on truck bed)
TOW (Tower on Wheels)