Flare Towers

YES we are the finest Manufacture not re-sellers of reliable and trustworthy Flare Towers sold world wide.

LMS 30′  

LMS 50′

LMS 60′ are becoming the industry standard for flare tower deployment.

Flare towers can be configured for multi purpose adding WIFI and cellular boosters to the platform.

Custom Built UOP C/ H Waste Gas Flare, 1 ½” Pipe Size

HEI Pilot, supplied by on site waste gas
HEI Switch, 120v, with thermocouple
Custom Built LMS Control Panel with HEI Controls
Valve Train Consisting of: 1-1″ strainer, 1-1″ valve, 1-3/4″ regulator, w/pressure gauge
80’ of high temp flex pipe
48″ Steel Storage Reel to Store Pipe
Five different burn nozzles included for various burn off.

LMS manufactures the most robust portable flare tower designs up to 150′ engineered and built in the Americas. LMS specializes in high quality trailer mounted flares for production field, pipeline, landfill and maintenance activities. The advantages our trailer flares bring to your business including:
We guarantee our flare tips will prevent flame instability, providing five different burn nozzles included for various burn off requirements.
The capacity, pressure drop and emissions will not exceed guaranteed values.
The flare tip will meet EPA regulations for tip velocity and pilot monitoring.
Fully automatic flare pilot w/five different burn nozzles included for various burn off.
Our LMS 30′, LMS 50′ and LMS 60′ are becoming the industry standard, and LMS flares are suitable for highway travel and can be easily towed by a ½ Ton Truck. Flare setup takes less than 30 minutes.
The flare trailer is fully self-contained including propane
Tanks for pilot operation, or existing burn fuel option.
Towers are equipped with electric winch kit, battery box, battery w/tray, w/charger/60 amp / build in. Leviton outlet box, midget louver-RDS.
Control box integration
Telescopic outriggers for added stability
Reliable tower deployments around the globe, for safe and effective burn off. Built in Tulsa on request with quick turn.
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