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Landa Mobile Systems manufactures  a complete line of Mobile Towers, Cell Site Solutions

LMS product lines are recognized for their superior quality and durability. Industries leading innovator in design and advancement in the industry building mobile towers with the highest wind-loading in the industry. 


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Full-LIne-2016-aAcronyms used in industry for units we build 

CART (Mobile Aluminum Outdoor Equipment Enclosure)
COLT (Cell on Light Truck)
COP (Cell on Platform)
COW (Cell on Wheels)
CROW (Mini-COW/Cell Repeater on Wheels)
ECAT (Mini-COW/Emergency Communication Antenna Trailer)
GOAT (Generator on a Truck)
MPTU (Multi-Purpose Trailer Unit)
PT (Power Tower, 106, 120, 150 mounted on truck bed)
TOW (Tower on Wheels)